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Tree of Light and Life

Learning Energetic and Spiritual Connectedness with all Life



All healing is the process by which a wound or illness, real or perceived is transformed and brought back to balance within us, both in our physical body and in our minds. When we are in balance, we encounter joy in the smallest of things. As living, feeling and sensitive beings we are always healing the imperfect within us even when that state is merely in the spirit or mind. When we lack, our hearts search for the cure, when we are in need of inner peace or relief from pain, we search outside of ourselves within our immediate surroundings for the salve.


The human body is the loyal subject of our thoughts, desires, fears and it will eventually process and transform those ideas into strengths or weaknesses by absorbing the essence of our emotions.  Here we find the premise that you are what you think.  Illness is the final destination of a thought gone astray, a fear un-allayed, a wrong not forgiven, an obsession not realized.


Nature, a gift of the Divine, is our mother and healer and helps us acquire that balance. We experience this when we consult our physicians and healers.  When we are prescribed medicines or treatments, they are invariably derived from some plant, mineral or product from the earth’s bosom.  Each element offering in turn a strength or quality we are lacking or have destroyed through excessive emotional imbalance.


As children of nature, our natural inclination is to heal and transform. If given a chance and encouraged along the way with a positive outlook or affirmation and the strength of inner convictions, man can overcome his illness and dis-ease. Natura or Gaia as she is sometimes known is our ally in the form of gifts from the earth.  It’s up to man to make clear and serene choices to attain any level of well being. It is the way of the universe that  each man and woman do this for themselves and the stronger and more loving guide the weaker in this journey of transformation when that knowledge eludes them.


Only the human spirit holds the key to compassion and love and this is the medicine that no other living being on Earth holds nor can give.  Yet, when it is given, it can heal and create miracles.


B. M. Goldman

March 2007



You are made in the image of the Creator!

Welcome. You are on a journey to discover greater learning of the Spirit.  Yes, you are a person of faith and most of the time you follow your cultural and religious traditions with good intent. Yet, you would like to know more on how to live in greater harmony with yourself and those around you, how to walk closer with Mother Nature, and how you can achieve true freedom and understanding of what the mystics call "free will". 

I am here to reiterate what many sages have already said all the way back since the beginning of written mystery teachings; "you are your thoughts". Shakespeare wrote "thinking makes it so". Free will is practiced when we live in awareness of our thoughts and harmonize them with our actions and our words. The ray of light you represent is a link to the Spirit and the ways to continuous communion with it are many and varied.

All we suggest is that you keep an open mind, an open heart, and a welcoming disposition to the opportunities that the world will provide you with when you change your patterns of thought.

Baty Goldman




1.  Today, I intend to work and live at the highest frequencies open to me by the Universe in consonance with G-d.

 2.   I intend that with G-d's infinite wisdom the Creator will provide me with the greatest number of opportunities to ensure my health, my harmony, success, achievement and physical well-being.