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Tree of Light and Life

Learning Energetic and Spiritual Connectedness with all Life



We Are All Energy, We Are Interconnected.

Although it sounds quite odd, in today's world where it seems that the only connections we have or honor seem to be our family, our close friends and our work colleagues, it is difficult to imagine that you and I should be interconnected in some way.  However, the truth may be somewhat different from a spiritual and energetic perspective.  When you are happy, you notice that you can influence others positively and when you are sad or distraught, your discomfort also affects people much like dominoes that fall in a row.  Although some persons are more resilient than others, our energies and frequencies affect our surroundings both near and far.  At some point in your life, you have expressed the interest in learning more about how you can live a life in greater harmony with the Spirit. That intention has travelled far to reach many sources, many teachers of which I am one of.  In the same fashion I have intended that those seeking for guidance and ready to recieve, will open their hearts. And, here we are, you and I!  The wisdom that I am here to remind you of is that you can will those energies to assist you in improving your lives through conscious effort of training the mind, opening the heart, toning your body and being in touch with your spiritual self through meditation.  The concept of Mind-Body Medicine is now commonplace in the world of Integrative Medicine. Putting it into practice is a different task altogether. It's not enough to just read about it, we must implement that wisdom and training so that we can see ourselves achieve our highest goals and ideals, see ourselves work at our highest frequencies and consequently return that positive energy back to our mother Earth with gratitude and affection. The way to achieve this is outlined in the adjoining pages. I wish you love and light in your journey of completion.

Warmly, Batya