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Our Teacher

Our Teacher and Rebbe


Everyone should have a teacher, greater in wisdom and deeper in kindness, to guide them through the hills and valleys that life contains.  In this we were blessed. Our master, teacher and rebbe was the late Rabbi Itzhak Kaduri, (of blessed memory), the oldest kabbalist of this generation, and one of the most prolific minds with a remarkable memory. It has been documented that in 1948, when Jerusalem was under siege, the ancient manuscripts that could not be saved due to the fires, were memorized by him in order to salvage the teachings. As a master of kabbalah, his instruction was passed on orally and he permitted no publications of his works. Nevertheless, he was known to be wise, compassionate and a profound listener.


Lalla Solika Hachuel, La Sainte

Sol Hachuel (Hebrew: סו לי ק א ח ג ו א ל ), Tangier 1817–1834, Fez) was a Jewish heroine who was publicly decapitated when she was 17 years old. She was executed for alleged apostasy from Islam—apparently without ever having converted to Islam. She is considered a tzadeket (saint) by Jews and is also revered by some Muslims. Jews call her Sol Hatzadikka ("the righteous Sol"), while Arabs call her Lalla Suleika ("holy lady Suleika"). Despite an end to such a short life, Lalla Solika was known for her kindness, generosity and mercy towards others regardless of religion or background. There are many different versions of how she was entrapped by the circumstances of the times that she lived in. However, her sacrifice impacted thousands of believers around the world that come to her tomb every year to pray for her intercession in the Heavenly Courts of the Almighty.

For hundreds of years she has been known by both Jews and Muslims for the miracles of health, marriages, birth of children and other requests granted to those that made a pilgrimage to pray at her tomb in Fez, Morocco.