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Kabbalists and mystics of ages gone by have used angelic script to invoke the light of the angels through symbols and images. The angelic messages invoke the concepts of love, peace, health, prosperity, and success. These angelic script prints can be placed in a child’s room, a room where someone is recovering from illness, an office or at the entrance of your home.  These symbols will invoke the angelic energies to bring you healing, love, peace, protection and joy. 

Angelic Script Blessings® designs are the sole artistic inspiration, work and intellectual property of B.M. Goldman-Gollan © 2006.


Large Images  $17.00

Small Images   $11.00

World-Wide Repertoire of NATURAL FLOWER ESSENCES  

Working with flower essences from around the world one can release emotional blocks that can impede the growth of mental, emotional and physical well-being.

​"Similia similibus curentur", the concept of "like cures like" is the principle concept that Samuel Hahnemann taught more than 200 years ago. The fact that a plant that causes effects similar to the health complaint is the generally the indicated remedy to cure the condition. It still works today - gently, effectively and sometimes without great fanfare.

​In the 1920s, Dr. Edward Bach, the creator and founder of the famous Bach Flowers Repertoire, espoused the same ideas and discovered a set of flower remedies that effected change in a person's mental, emotional and physical conditions.

​I work with numerous repertoires from different regions of the world, each set of essences created by holistic therapists and innovators for a different purpose. All of them are effective when taken in a disciplined fashion.

Flower Essence Drops  $12.00


Between Secular and Divine, Commentaries about the sacred in everyday life.

Combining traditional biblical interpretations with everyday worries and tribulations, R. Goldman elucidates the relevance of the past with today’s concerns.   

Paperback $18.00USD

Chrysalis of the Soul

Practical and Applied Theories and methods for Spiritual, Mental and Physical Health, as researched and implemented in private practice.

Paperback $13.00 USD

The Prism of Light

This is a self-help book to guide the reader and seeker to reflect on the merits and experiences of their past and view them as lessons and not failures, seize on the opportunities of their present, and create their future through positive visualization and thought processes.

Paperback: $18.00 USD


This healing session balances and heals your chakras through application of crystals and Reiki healing.


The application of aromatic essential oils in healing for specific mental and physical discomforts and illness. A combination of oils can be created for simple conditions such as colds, sores, arthritis, muscle pains, and various other imbalances of the body



As all our services are really an exchange of energy, time and commitment to you, and are commensurate with experience and knowledge, our schedule of fees have been designed to be modest and conservative.

Spiritual/Emotional Counselling Session $65.00

Couples Counselling Session $110.00

Healing Sessions  $56.00




























Through meditation, and intuitive writing in consultation with The Book of Psalms, Tehillim, the client is provided with an analysis of life blockages and provided with suggestions for improvement and success in obtaining their needs and achieving their goals. The consultation is based only on the client's name and mother's name. 



The channeling of healing energies through the Reiki technique for an entire mind-body balancing effect.






























Through non-invasive diagnosis such as tongue analysis, preferences and dislikes of sensory tastes one can learn about their physical strengths and weaknesses. Herbal combinations can be suggested for balance and improvement of the various processes and systems such as the Digestive, Circulatory, and Respiratory, as examples.





We are committed to our clients' trust and privacy and take every precaution to safeguard records and all natural health information.