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Tree of Light and Life

Learning Energetic and Spiritual Connectedness with all Life

Beginning the Journey


 The path to inner balance in our lives is formed by the growth, development and enhancement of our capabilities on all four fronts: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.  From very young we learn to value the sacredness of our lives and hopefully their impact within our family and friends. When we begin searching outside of our comfort zones to examine the Spirit, it should be to appreciate that same sacredness in all that surrounds us. 

The Earth is a living being, it is not defined by a rock, by a waterfall, by a mountain, or by an underground cave; it is all these things. All that grows and lives off of this land, this planet IS Mother Earth.  The minutest organisms, the ants, the birds as well as the larger animals are all part of that living, breathing garden.

Our greatest task is to place ourselves within that map and integrate our lives so that they are in harmony with the world around us.  It is not asked of us to give up our house and go live in the woods; we are not asked to live off of wild berries and nuts if we have never done so. We are being asked to focus on the sacredness and purpose of every living organism and how it impacts our lives. A case in point is the proverbial neighborhood cat. Without one on our street, we might be overrun by mice. If we didn’t appreciate the spider’s work, we might be swarmed with numerous other insects. You are being asked to see how you fit into that web of life, and how to value each one with the same reverence that you wish for your own lives. Extremes are not necessary in order to live in harmony with our world. It is the miracles that occur in the commonplace that we are asked to consider and co-create.

We must appreciate ourselves first, take care of our health and wellbeing so that we can then step out and do the same for others. The great work begins with oneself. And, the great work asks that we see that we are always standing on sacred ground, sacredness is not found only in a church, temple or mosque, it is always around us.  We need to remember that our lives are sacred and learn where our true life purpose is. Then working our way outward we learn the importance of all Earth’s life systems. The ancient adage of “know thyself” has held its value through the ages. We are encouraged to learn WHO we are, WHAT we are capable of doing, HOW to give back to our world, and WHEN we are prepared to help others only when we hold a deep reverence for all life. Top that off with a healthy sense of humor and you will be well up the mountain on the good journey.

 Peace,  Batya



I know what a dream is – and this wasn’t a dream.  Sometime at around 3 or 4am in the morning I saw that I was standing in a beautiful place – something like a beautiful showroom. It looked much bigger than Irit’s showroom.  There were so many crystals, and so many tables, and so many soft lights on top of  us – it looked like the ceiling of the store was “a night sky”.

 Suddenly Dani comes up to me and hugs me, I felt his presence before I actually saw him. He was smiling and almost laughing at me.  He was holding a book in his hands.  He says: “give this to Ariel, I want him to read the name, I want to know what he thinks.” I realized that Dani already knew what Ariel’s reaction would be.

 On the cover of the book were written many names in Hebrew in large letters but it was the photograph on the cover that surprised me. It had a picture of a one of many spiritual ‘masters’.  I shook my head and in my heart knew what Ariel’s reaction would be. But, Dani didn’t give me a chance to speak.  Dani was looking at Ariel with a deep look – “AHI, HAKOL OTO DAVAR LEMALA”.   Ariel lowered his head, he was looking at the book and smiled quietly.  And, Dani repeated what he said again “ ITS ALL THE SAME BROTHER – ITS ALL THE SAME UP THERE’. 

 Then the light around DANI was bright – it was white and gold and pink. No, better said, DANI WAS THE WHITE, GOLD AND PINK LIGHT.  One moment he was standing beside us, beside me, and then Dani was UP THERE –in the sky with lights.   I keep hearing his voice – ‘AHI, HAKOL OTO DAVAR LEMALA’.  

What a gift he gave us. When I woke up I shared the message and we were happy that DANI had made time to visit us little people here on EARTH